#1 Best and perfect Teak Shaving Foot Rest in the Shower

Oasis Teak Corner Shaving Foot Stool

Oasis Teak Corner Shaving Foot Stool or Double Shelf is a fully assembled table with a compact design. It is 12’’ inches width and 18’’ high. It has solid teak that was stained dark brown in order to coordinate the décor. The leg leveling pads with the standard in order to accommodate the sloped floors.

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The shelf has slats to use for the water draining and it is perfect to have in your home. You can use it to rest the legs when you are in the shower. The stool comes fully assembled and you should take it out and put it in the corner.   It is compact so you can use it in any corner of your shower.

The Deco Teak is high enough to keep in the shower. Its adjustable legs ensure that the stool is stable even on the sloped floor. The shelf will reduce the clutter in your bathroom since it helps with the additional storage for the organization of the soaps, shampoo bottles and the shower accessories that may need somewhere to store.

Space Saving

The extra space can be used for magazines, towels and toilet paper rolls together with the favorite reading book.  The corner style is effective especially in small places since most of the time; there is always an under-utilized corner in the bathroom. Teak is a natural good wood and it has natural high oil content with natural density. It has been the wood of choice for many years, now and the years to come.  The shelf can use both indoors and outdoors.

There are many people who have used the shelf and they are happy about it.  It is good for the people who do not like the idea of using suction cups or medical shower seat. People who are looking for just the light size, choose to use this type of shelf. There is nothing to worry about this shelf since it is the right one but for someone who wants something bigger, he can go for its bigger sister.  The shelf comes pre-assembled so there is nothing that you will have to do about it.

The Perfect Foot Rest for Shaving in the Shower

The people who have a small bathroom can use the shelf to prop their feet and to use them for the toiletries. The stool is the perfect option, especially with its adjustable feet that can create the stability even on the sloped floor.

The stool comes already assembled so there is no time to spend. It is a beautiful solid teak wood so there is nothing to worry about wetting.   Some people just turned to this shelf after trying many things and did not disappoint them since it met their expectations.

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Besides being the right size to use while shaving, it is also the best option to use to keep their conditioner and shampoo that they need while bathing.  The shelf can also keep soaps or washcloths.  For the people who used the shelf for many years, the craftsmanship and the wood continue to look like the first time they bought it.

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