Using Teak Shower Mat in your bathroom

Teak Shower Mat

teak slats for shower mat are one of the best items which you can place in your bathroom. After taking the shower you always want that all the water from your feet must drain away and you do not need to stand on any soggy towel or on a rug which generates the odor. All these things can irritate everyone and his enjoyment of taking the shower get over at the moment.

Teak shower mat is the best option to relax and enjoy the shower. All the water drains away from your feet when you stand on a teak shower mat. A teak shower mat is more durable due to its more resistant quality. This shower mat always stays in well condition even in most challenging environment. It does not get split off or damage from regular touch of water, moisture, cold, heat and rain. That?s why many people use the teak wood furniture not only in their bathroom but also as outdoor furniture.

Teak wood is not a normal wood; but it is a nicely grained wood which is naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew. Although a teak shower mat cost more than a normal wood mat but if you will calculate the price on per year basis then you will come to surprise that its cheaper then other wood shower mat. Since this teak shower mat maintain its durability and remain safe from all harmful elements. Insect also can not eat the teak wood.

When purchasing the teak shower mat,??you will need to be sure that teak wood didn?t come from a young teak tree which is not completely mature otherwise it can?split or damage in the water. You?should get rid off our normal fabric bath mat and other shower mat.

Teak shower mat has the natural surface; which is slip-resistant and it minimize the soiling on top surface of the mat. A teak shower mat gives the natural beauty and soft surface. Gap between various teaks slats allow the water to get drop down from the mat; which result in a slip-resistant surface also keeps your feet on a smoother and warm surface.

A teak shower mat can be in any shape like rectangular, L-shape, square or any other shape. We can also make a teak shower mat on our own at home for this we will need to take a teak slats and will need to measure the size of area where we need to place the shower mat. Then we can mark the lines on teal slats which will be used to cut later on. Approximate twelve pieces of these sections would be enough. Then we should draw a line across each slat to indicate a cut line.

After cutting the lines properly, then sands the surface of each teak slats. Initially we will need to start the sanding with a medium sand paper; then later on use a fine sand paper to sand the surface of slat until there is no any imperfection in the surface. When surface will get smooth then we can add them in such a order by drilling and setting each edge of slats even that our teak shower mat should set perfectly and its surface must be smooth.

If you don’t want to DIY, then you can purchase the quality teak mats below: