How to style your Bathroom for a new look – Best Idea

Style your bathroom

In this article, we’ll show you how to style a bathroom. It covers stylish and practical solutions for adding more personality to your bathroom from towel storage, bath mats to makeup mirrors and bathroom cabinets. We will review functional pieces to help pull your bathroom look together from the master bath to the powder room

When styling a bathroom less is more focus on a few tasteful additions and keep things as clutter free as possible to stay organized and add extra storage.

Bathroom floor cabinet

consider a floor cabinet this will provide space to store bathroom essentials. See best offer and more about the floor bathroom cabinet here

Organize your bathroom items with Canisters

For storing cotton swabs and other necessities create a grouping of canisters, you’ll be able to see what send them quickly to
grab what you need. See more bathroom natural elements & accessories here

Style your bedroom with the decorative basket

Take advantage of the space on the toilet tank as well this is a perfect place for a decorative basket to store toilet paper and other necessities. Make a stylish statement by piling them into decorative baskets you can fold them or roll them. Looking for the decorative basket? click here

Bathroom Mat

For a spa-like look, find a plush bathroom mat to complement your towels, popcorn chenille is a great option that feels warm and cozy on the feet but is practical too. They are 100% cotton which will absorb water quickly and dries fast. They are also machine washable and come in a variety of colors to match your towels. You can also use teak shower mat instead or see here for more selections of bathroom mats

Magnifying mirrors

Decor small magnifying mirrors for makeup or shaving will add a bit of Hotel luxury to your bathroom. They come in freestanding styles or you can screw them into your wall for added ease. More informantion on the Decor small magnifying mirrors can be found here

Style your bathroom with Gallery wall display

when it comes to your powder-room focus on adding personality,  it’s a good place to have fun with the gallery wall displaying a collection of kids, your family photos or collages unify the art by placing it all in matching frames. Add a textured rug in a nubby natural fiber. Since moisture isn’t a big issue in a powder room you can be more flexible with the materials. See more option for gallery wall display here

Woven basket

Complete the look with a woven basket for trash, a vintage-inspired soap dispenser and an elegant linen hand towel.

when decorating your bathroom remember to cut the clutter with stylish storage solutions. Add personality with bold accent pieces, add spa-like elements. It is much easy than you think to style your bathroom. it is not difficult to transform your bathroom to have a new look.

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